Introducing Cordusio

The World’s First 100% Natural Red Berry Aperitivo


The world’s first red berry aperitif, Cordusio is 100% natural and crafted with locally sourced botanicals. Crafted by Italy’s finest distillers and master-blenders, it is blended sustainably at 19.5% ABV and bottled fresh in Italy.

Taking its name from the historic and vibrant piazza at the heart of Milan, Cordusio delivers an outstanding and unique taste experience. Elegantly packaged in a strikingly beautiful scarlet-tinted glass bottle, the liquid’s matching scarlet colour is derived from its unique and natural red berry recipe.

Tart and aromatic. Balanced bitter and sweet. Intense and fresh on the palate. Cordusio is extremely versatile and perfectly suited for creative bartenders’ super-premium cocktails. It can stimulate the most sophisticated and demanding cocktail lovers, without losing its simplicity and naturalness.

Designed with the aim of giving personality, taste and pleasure to cocktails, Chris Tanca, Founder of Cordusio explains “We wanted to upgrade our cocktails with a 100% natural super-premium aperitif… and we simply couldn’t find the ingredients… the bottles simply didn’t exist… until we were able to make the Cordusio recipe, natural and with red berries.

100% designed and produced in Italy, the Cordusio bottle stands out brilliantly on the bar shelf and even at home. Inspired by authentic Italian Fine Wine and Spirits traditions and the great 20th century Murano glass masters such as Venini, its shape is characterised by vertical/geometric lines in the tradition of art nouveau, precisely linking to Piazza Cordusio in Milan. The scarlet-tinted red glass was chosen for the bottle not only for its beauty, but also to preserve the integrity of the 100% natural product.

Sustainability is at the core of Cordusio. Daniela Garcea, Cordusio Global Brand Activator shares “In addition to being an Italian product, blended by master craftsmen and bottled fresh featuring locally sourced ingredients, Cordusio is also unique in the world of Italian spirits as it is a Pending B-Corp*. This certification takes a holistic approach to sustainability, rewarding not only a positive impact on the environment, but also a positive impact on employees and society.” Daniela continues “Whether you try a Cordusio Tonic or one of our more complex Cordusio mixology creations, we know you have never enjoyed a super-premium aperitivo like this before.”

Retailing for £35 for a 0.7L bottle, Cordusio is available in some of Europe’s finest cocktail bars, with plans to expand distribution throughout Europe and beyond in 2023.

*B-Corporation (or B-Corp) is a certification, spread across 78 countries and 155 different industries, issued by B-Lab, a U.S. nonprofit organization. To obtain and maintain this certification, companies must achieve a minimum score on a questionnaire analyzing their environmental and social performance and integrate their commitment to stakeholders into their statutory documents.

About Cordusio Spirits:

Incorporated 2021, Cordusio offers super-premium spirits to the world’s best bars and on-trade establishments. Working closely with the Fine Wine and Spirits industry’s top talent and expertise based in the UK, Cordusio Ltd is blended and bottled fresh and sustainably in Italy and available throughout Europe and beyond.


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