Jump into spring with Riesling from Tesco

With International Riesling Day just around the corner (March 13th), now is the perfect time to explore the delicious bottles Tesco has available this spring

Tesco Rieslings

Lauren Ballantyne, Tesco Wine Product Developer: “Riesling is such an under-appreciated grape, but it deserves to be much more popular because it’s incredibly versatile and can be made in a huge variety of very different styles – from crisp, steely and refreshing, to honeyed and aromatic. The Finest Tingleup Riesling and Finest Mosel Riesling are both elegant, dry styles and work brilliantly with food and particularly Asian-inspired flavours. Fans of sweeter styles meanwhile will enjoy the rounder and fruitier Deinhard Green Label Riesling and Blaumeister Riesling.”

See below for a few recommendations!

Blaumeister Riesling – £5

Blaumeister Riesling is a classic German Riesling, exotic and fruity with balanced flavours of sweet baked apples and zingy citrus with a long bright finish. Best served chilled with fruity deserts or on its own.

Blaumeister Riesling Rheinhessen Qualitätswein – 75CL. Product of Germany

Tesco Finest Mosel Steep Slopes Riesling – £7

These aromatic Riesling grapes are hand picked from the extremely steep slopes on the edge of the Mosel River and are grown by a group of quality driven winemakers called ‘Das Blaue Band’ (the blue band referencing the Mosel river). This is a dry style of Riesling to show off the bright elegance and balance of steely minerality and delicate flavours of orchard fruit; lovely with Sushi or creamy cheeses.

Riesling Mosel Steillage, Qualitätswein – 75CL Wine of Mosel, Germany

Deinhard Green Label Riesling – £7.50

This wine is a typical Mosel wine, medium sweet, with minerality, exotic fruit flavours of pineapple, peach and mango supported by fresh hints of citrus and the sweetness of apples and honey makes it a juicy everyday wine.

To enjoy an experience of Deinhard is to enjoy over 250 years of passion, expertise and a lions pride for winemaking. As one of the oldest wine companies in Germany, we continue to build on our heritage of the pioneering spirit of our founder. With individual expressions to meet any taste, Deinhard promises contemporary style, crafted over centuries.

Suitable for Vegans – 75CL. Product of Germany

Cono Sur Reserva Especial Riesling – £10

This Riesling comes from Bío Bío Valley. Its low temperatures and red clay soils give us a fresh, mineral and intriguing wine.

This wine has an impressive aromatic intensity, with notes of white flowers, white peaches, orange blossoms and grapefruit. Its elegant palate shows great balance between sweetness and acidity, it is a silky and persistent wine.

Chile has more than 4,000 kms of coast and the longest mountain range of the world. Between the coast and the Andes there are valleys that give diversity of origins. Cono Sur has selected the best Valley for each variety to create the Reserva Especial range.

Certified Sustainable Riesling – 75CL. Wine of Chile

Tesco Finest Tingleup Riesling – £10

Made by Howard Park, one of Western Australia’s most celebrated wine producers, from grapes carefully cultivated in the Great Southern region. Through all of the wine making stages Riesling grapes are managed under cool temperatures, allowing them to retain natural crisp, refreshing lime and citrus flavours with subtle hints of white pepper. A natural pairing for Asian food.

Riesling, 2021 – 75CL. Wine of Australia.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling – £12

Our elegant Dry Riesling is sourced from cooler climate sites in world-class vineyards of Columbia Valley. It’s crafted to be lean and fresh with inviting sweet citrus aromas, beautiful stone fruit flavors and a hint of minerality. An incredibly versatile food wine.

Washington State’s Founding Winery – 75CL. Wine of USA


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