A Smooth Sip for Summer

Introducing Apothic Merlot from California

Apothic Merlot 1

With outdoor dining back on the agenda, enjoy catching up with loved ones over a delicious glass of Apothic Merlot. Whether you’re firing up the barbecue, relaxing in the garden with friends or hosting a summer dinner party, head to Tesco stores and pick up a bottle of this season’s must-try red wine.

Sumptuously rich, Apothic Merlot is bursting with intense flavours of black cherry, blackberry and wild blueberries, layered with smooth hints of vanilla and coconut, a result of oak contact with the wine for three to four months.

Deep and full-bodied with a plush, velvety mouthfeel, this wine is a true feast for the senses. Serve it with a tender fillet steak, a beef carpaccio, or even smoked cheese and grilled mushrooms, for a complete taste experience.

Known for its alluring labels marked with their signature “A” and reputation for incomparably smooth wines, Apothic gets its name from “Apotheca”, a reference to a winemaker’s sanctuary for crafting and storing blends in the 13th Century. Inspired by this tradition, Apothic winemaker Debbie Juergenson lets the character and flavour of each grape variety guide the shape of these wines, creating enchanting blends that are bold in style and taste. Apothic fuses Old World intrigue with modern sophistication to create exceptionally smooth wines.

Apothic Merlot showcases the very best of California with classic tasting notes and an ultra-smooth mouthfeel that typifies the high quality of fruit across the region.

Apothic Merlot is now available from Tesco stores nationwide. Priced £9.

About Apothic

Apothic’s wines are crafted to delight the palate and deliver a silky-smooth style that demonstrates the winemaker’s passion both on the vine and in the cellar. Every glass of Apothic wine offers a depth of layers, each demonstrating intense fruit character supported by a round structure and signature smooth tannins. This is achieved through the help of the micro-climates and soil types in California. It’s here, in carefully selected vineyards, where Apothic wine begins its journey. A journey that ends in a stylish and sophisticated bottle adorned with the iconic Apothic “A”.


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