Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

Mainbrace launches new limited edition bottling of its unique rum

Mainbrace Coronation

On 6th May, Mainbrace is launching a new limited bottling of its award-winning Premium Golden Rum and Navy Strength Rum to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation.

The official launch will be held at the Royal Over-Seas League in St James Street, London – walking distance to Buckingham Palace – at the Foreign Press Association (FPA) press centre, which will host over 150 representatives of the world’s media.

As part of the launch festivities on May 6th, Mainbrace will extend a warm welcome to the winners of its Coronation Prize Draw. The trade and consumer winners have each won a luxury weekend in London to see the Coronation, including a trip to view the crown jewels and dinner at a premium restaurant, allowing them to enjoy the atmosphere of the Coronation celebrations.

At 2:00pm, coinciding with the balcony scene following the crowning of King Charles III, Mainbrace will follow the Royal Navy’s 350-year-old tradition of ‘Splicing the Mainbrace’, an official order to toast the new King. The new bottles will be opened and shared with 150 representatives of the world’s media, including the traditional toast, “The King – God Bless Him.”

In conjunction with the launch, Mainbrace will present new research in collaboration with the FPA, revealing the popularity of the Monarchy as an institution and of individual members of the Royal Family. The key findings are that coverage of the UK Coronation amongst foreign media audiences is almost universally popular (81%), with 64% acknowledging an uplift in general engagement for their media outlet when covering big events concerning the Monarchy.

David Haigh, chairman of Brand Finance and co-founder of Mainbrace, commented on the upcoming launch “For 350 years, the Royal Navy celebrated victories, anniversaries and major events with the traditional toast and a tot of rum. We are following that tradition on the 6th May and we hope many of our loyal drinkers will join us with a tot of Mainbrace’’.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy the coronation editions of Mainbrace’s acclaimed Premium Golden Rum and Navy Strength Rum all of which are award-winning.

For more information about Mainbrace visit www.mainbracerum.com, and to buy a bottle go to https://www.mainbracerum.com/shop

About Mainbrace

Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum is traditionally crafted with a modern twist. A premium blend of 2-5-year-old rums from 3 different stills in Guyana and unaged agricole from Martinique. There are no additives or sweeteners included in the Mainbrace blend.

The name Mainbrace is inspired by the naval term to “splice the mainbrace”, which embodies the spirit of courage, teamwork, and friendship. In the days of sail, the main mast was steadied, or braced, with a thick rope called the mainbrace. If it was cut by enemy fire in battle a team of naval ratings (sailors) had to splice the rope back together under enemy fire to save the ship and win the battle. As a reward for successfully achieving this herculean task the captain would order the ship’s pusser (purser) to issue a double ration of rum to the team of ratings as a toast to victory.

To ‘splice the mainbrace’ inevitably became a naval euphemism for an important celebration and was always accompanied with the toast ‘The King – God Bless Him’ or ‘The Queen – God Bless Her.’

Mainbrace therefore embodies the spirit of celebrating a victory, no matter how big or small. As the spirit of the sea, it is the essence of the sea, the ethos of maritime life, and a drink most associated with the sea.


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